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Seeing Little Ripples

This blog was originally posted as part of i-ACT21 Day 9. We arrived to Little Ripples at 6:30 this morning. Being there at this hour has been great insight into the school morning routine. We get to see caregivers dropping off their children, others strolling in on their own, seeming way beyond their years. It’s been an opportunity for us to see all the
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Talking Surveys and Fundamentals of Interviewing

This blog was originally posted on i-ACT as part of i-ACT21 Day 8. “We will do our best because this is very important for education and the future of our children,” said Zakariya, one of the 10 refugees we are training and employing to conduct more Little Ripples assessments over the next year. Our goal is to build the capacity of a small team
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“The Games Make Me Happy”

In the ‘development’ world, we always hail that women need to play more substantial roles in the decision-making process at all levels of society. Decisions that affect their individual rights, as well as those of their community and country. Of course I strongly agree with this, but today I ask, do women need to play, period? After this morning’s training session at Little Ripples,
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Day One in Refugee Camp Goz Amer: the Joy and the Incomprehensible

Today was a mix of emotions, and it was a day that gave me inspiration for our work from very different sources. First, due to the Little Ripples teachers, the word of the morning for me was “heartening”. The day started off so positively at Little Ripples. We arrived at the school around 8am and were able to watch the teachers teach a class
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