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[video] Trudy visits a Little Ripples Pond

iACT25: Pond Visit with Trudy Goodman from iACT on Vimeo. Trudy Goodman, Founding Teacher at InsightLa is with the iACT team in refugee camp Goz Amer. For the next week, Trudy and Joslyn will lead Little Ripples teachers and Refugees United Soccer Academy coaches through a mindfulness training to help deepen their practice. Today, Trudy visits a Little Ripples Pond!

Humbled in Action

iACT23: Little Ripples Ponds from i-ACT on Vimeo. Today we got to see Ponds in action, and wow! It was the coolest thing to see the teachers completely in their element, and the children looking so happy. The two main highlights of the day were seeing the mindfulness activities and the meal program. Little Ripples was intentionally designed to help the children and women
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Reasons to Celebrate

This blog was originally posted on iactivism.org as part of iACT’s 22nd expedition to eastern Chad. When I’m in the camps, I never know which day of the week it is. Today was — well, still is — Sunday, but earlier out in the maze-like “streets” of Goz Amer, it felt as if it could have been any day. School was in session, market
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Human-Centered Design for Refugee Teacher Leadership Development

We’re back from the IDEO.org human-centered design bootcamp in Kampala, Uganda and my notebook is full of notes, drawings, and sticky notes. It’s bursting with ideas, questions, prototypes, and plans for expanding our Little Ripples (LR) program to better support the leadership development of the refugee female teachers hired and trained to implement the LR program and make it their own. Months and months ago, iACT responded to startup accelerator Amplify’s global
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Little Ripples and a Fire in Goz Amer

When we drove up to Little Ripples a couple days ago, I got a little choked up seeing the buildings for the very first time in person. Sure, I had seen photographs numerous times, but being at our preschool gave me such a sense of pride in i-ACT. When we got out of the car and started walking around, the sounds of students could
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