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I act because I have hope

I have written several posts now about how my heart got involved with Little Ripples. These next few are about how my head got involved as well. I once had a conversation with a three-year-old girl that has stayed with me for years. The little girl came running up to me during my very first summer as a preschool assistant: Madeline: “Miss E! That
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Training WITH our Friends

This post was originally posted on iactivism.org as part of i-ACT21 Day 10. These past four days, Felicia, Oumda, and I have had the pleasure of training a refugee assessment team to measure the impact of Little Ripples. Training has consisted of tediously reviewing each question of the five page survey, teaching how to properly ask each question, correctly record the information, and use
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“How might we improve education and expand learning opportunities for refugees around the world?”

i-ACT has joined the Amplify Refugee Education Challenge, in order to contribute to solutions for improved learning opportunities for refugees around the world. In partnership with UNICEF Innovation and UNHCR, Amplify is asking people and organizations around the world to design education solutions that help refugees learn new skills and gain access to quality education. In doing so, Amplify is first compiling pre-challenge research until April 21st, to learn
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It’s Not Too Late To #spin4darfur

We’re about half way through the month of October and the Tour de Goz Amer, but there is still plenty of time to sign up and commit to spinning your wheels for peace! For more information and inspiration, click here to view the Tour de Goz Amer Toolkit! But for now, here are a couple easy steps to get you started: 1. Register to ride here. 2. Download. print,
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Little Ripples Turns 1!

In May 2014, three members of i-ACT returned to Darfur refugee camp Goz Amer in eastern Chad to conduct the Little Ripples one year program assessment, monitor the progress of the school and research the opportunity and needs for Little Ripples expansion to in-home centers. Little Ripples has been in session since August 6, 2013, and it’s impact is reaching beyond the walls of
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