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Little Ripples Ponds

In order to reach more refugee children, empower more women, and make early childhood education more cost-effective and community oriented, i-ACT is transitioning its current model of school-based early childhood education to a home-based model called Little Ripples Ponds:

  • Ponds are hosted in existing refugee homes
  • Homes are adapted into a safe and appropriate space for young children’s learning
  • Each Pond has space for play, fencing, shade from the sun, latrines and access to water
  • Each Pond has 2 trained teachers, serving 45 children ages 3-5
  • A daily meal is provided for each child, prepared by neighbors using food purchased in the local market

Little Ripples curriculum remains focused on improving the social-emotional, cognitive and physical development of children, while allowing local refugee teachers to add their own cultural knowledge to the program’s daily routine. Little Ripples is under the complete leadership of women. In addition to teachers, women are trained and employed to serve as Little Ripples supervisors. Download our Program Curriculum Overview 2015 for more visuals and information!

Support Little Ripples Ponds

During the 2014-2015 school year,seeks to implement 40 Little Ripples home-based Ponds in refugee camps Goz Amer and Djabal, in eastern Chad. Each new Pond needs $5,000 in seed money to start ripples of peace.

You can also get involved through Mamas for Mamas, Schools for Ponds, or join our team of Little Ripples Expert Teacher Advisors.

Little Ripple Hassayna
Little Ripple Hassayna

Little Ripple Hassayna

Age 4, beautiful and bright Hassayna. Djabal, Darfur, Africa. 13.0000° N, 25.0000° E

Darfur Little Ripples :)
Darfur Little Ripples 🙂

Darfur Little Ripples 🙂