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Thirteen Years

Thirteen years was very difficult for me grasp today as we walked refugee camp Djabal. Thirteen years is the amount of time Darfuris have been living in refugee camps in eastern Chad.
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Zaineb Creates a Mindful Moment with her Students

Trudy Goodman, Founding Teacher at InsightLA, spent a wonder filled week with the Little Ripples teachers.
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The Question We Keep Hearing

For a leader, a mother, a cook, and a teacher, it’s not enough that some children are being educated. It’s not enough that their own children are being educated.
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Camping for 13 Years

Oumda Tarbosh is a leader. He tries to stay cheerful and optimistic for his family and for his community. But he readily acknowledges that people are traumatized, malnourished, and often feel hopeless.
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All the Happiness Left Me

Little baby girls should not be dying of malaria in a refugee camp that’s under our care (through the UN and humanitarian community). Life here is as valuable as life anywhere. Fatima needs to know that.
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