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Meet Elizabeth: Little Ripples Expert Teach Advisor!

We’re excited to announce another wonderful addition to our Little Ripples group of Expert Teachers Advisers, Elizabeth LeBlanc. To date, she has been working closely with i-ACT in further developing and finalizing the Little Ripples Teacher Training Manuals. Her enthusiasm and expertise has been invaluable! Here’s a brief introduction by Elizabeth:  

I am thrilled to be working with the i-ACT team as an Expert Teacher Adviser. I graduated from Wake Forest University in 1998 with a BA in English Literature; I am currently pursuing a Masters of Education at NMSU with a focus on Educational Learning Technologies. My love of travel and concern for vulnerable populations began during a college backpacking trip in Guilin, China. I teach Language Arts to students in grades 5-12 at Taos Academy Charter School where I also serve as Curriculum & Data Coordinator.I live, work, play and am a mother in the beautiful rivers and mountains of Taos, New Mexico. I act because working with i-ACT brings together my passion for innovative design, early childhood literacy, global education and Emotional Intelligence/Six Seconds training.

Thank you, Elizabeth! Stay tuned, Elizabeth will be blogging all summer long about her passions and involvement with Little Ripples. 

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Sara-Christine Dallain

Sara-Christine Dallain holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a Masters in Public Health from the University of California, Los Angeles. Through her previous work with Direct Relief; Réseau Africain d’Education pour la Santé (RAES) in Senegal, Africa; and Board Member of Chad Relief Foundation; Dallain brings on-the-ground insight and experience in program design, evaluation, and implementation for health and education projects in sub-Saharan Africa. As i-ACT Director of Programs, she manages the development, implementation, and evaluation of i-ACT programs in refugee camps, serves as the organization’s primary grant writer, contributes greatly to social media and marketing content, collaborates with and oversees program volunteers, and supports i-ACT development and fundraising initiatives. Dallain has been working in both southern and eastern Chad refugee camps since 2011, and is one of the staff members regularly traveling to eastern Chad refugee camps and global conferences.


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