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Communities Changing Communities: The Ripple Effect

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Last Tuesday was #GivingTuesday, and we started our campaign to raise $5,000 for a new Little Ripples Pond. The week culminated on Saturday with #FitOn4Darfur, an indoor cycling and community event at FitOn Studios in Manhattan Beach, CA. In total, we raised $5,971, surpassing our goal to build a new Pond, and getting us on our way to raising funds for Pond #2! You can still shop (check out the new Radical bracelets!) or donate to support Little Ripples today.

Little Ripples Ponds are in-home preschool centers that empower women teachers to be leaders in their community, while transforming the lives of the most vulnerable little ones in their refugee camp.

Little Ripples is grounded in the belief that our community can help, not by saving Darfuris, but by giving them the space and opportunity to use their skills and knowledge towards a better future for their entire community. Little Ripples is doing just that, and rippling further than we can imagine.

Little ones ages 3-5 attend school, which allows mothers to find ways to farm or earn income for their family. Primary school aged girls can attend school because they don’t have to watch the youngest in their families. Young women teachers are being trained and empowered to be leaders, and their voices are being heard at community meetings. Local neighbors are sharing their cultural rituals and traditions with each other. The games and play-based learning methods are breaking down barriers betweens tribes, fostering friendships, and bringing smiles and laughter into the lives of many. In twenty years, the Little Ripples students may be faced with the difficult decision to solve a conflict by picking up a weapon or by using the tools for peace fostered in the program. We are giving this generation a better chance for peace. You are giving this generation a better chance for peace.

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FitOn4Darfur was AMAZING! Michael Stadvec, co-owner of FitOn, was the perfect leader for the our first annual ride. He was inspiring and pumped to be there, not to mention an amazing cycling instructor. He lives FitOn’s motto: The Power of Shared Energy. The FitOn community was supportive and generous. I left the event on Saturday inspired and assured that this model, communities empowering communities, is the way forward.  I can’t wait for next year’s FitOn4Darfur event!

Thank you to all our event sponsors! Michael, Angela, Franca, Betsy, Jenny, and the entire FiTOn staff for promoting the event. Thank you Jeb from Nekter Juice, Manhattan Beach for coming and sharing your delicious juices. Thank you Sonia and Irma from My Esceulita: Spanish for Kids for  leading a Kids Movement Workshop which allowed many riders to participate. Thank you Stauring Jewelry and Susan Brooks and Family for setting up the boutique. Thank you GROW and Manhattan Bread and Bagel for providing snacks. Barsha Wine, Spirits, and Tasting Room and Rebel Coast Winery provided adult beverages too! A special thanks to our dedicated i-ACT team, who always shows up, works hard, and puts up with my stressful moments.

Please support the businesses that support Little Ripples!

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Little Ripples is creating spaces where children can thrive, physically and emotionally. Support our mindfulness work.

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