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Peace, Helping, Sharing


Today is October 11th, the International Day of the Girl. It’s a day to honor and advance the rights and opportunities for girls everywhere. I want to take this opportunity to invite you to be part of Little Ripples by advancing the three Pillars or our program.


Share this video of a young Darfuri playing Jax with a child in your life.

Darfuri Jacks from i-ACT on Vimeo.


Ask them to share a video of a game they love to play with the Darfuri children. Record them playing the game, and send us the video to share during our next trip to the camps.


Register to ride in October as part of Tour de Goz Amer. Ask family and friends to pledge an amount per mile to support Little Ripples. $20 provides one month of education for a refugee child. More than that, it provides a foundation of peace for the next generation.


As members of the i-ACT and Little Ripples community, you are advancing the rights of girls and empowering women. Your actions and support give our Darfuri friends a chance to change their future for the better.

On behalf of Guisma, Achta, Selma, and so many Darfuri girls, Thank You!

Little Ripples is creating spaces where children can thrive, physically and emotionally. Support our mindfulness work.

Become a Sustainer of Action monthly donor.



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