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Let’s Ride!?

It’s here! Yes, our One Year Assessment report is available and we’re excited to share it! This report demonstrates what all of our supporters have helped us accomplish in the first year of Little Ripples.


Photo by: Gabriel Stauring / i-ACT. Camp Goz Amer, 2014

Now what’s on the way is an exciting season ahead. Fall will be a critical time for our program as we embark on expanding Little Ripples using in-home centers called Ponds. In order to raise funds to launch more Ponds, we’re hosting the Tour de Goz Amer! For the entire month of October, we’re asking you and your community to spin your bicycle wheels for peace and education for Darfur refugees. By collecting pledges for every mile you bike around town, for exercise, in a spin class, or to and from work (yes, your daily bike commute counts), you will help us open more Little Ripples Ponds, reach more children and empower more women.

Then, while our i-ACT team is in camp Goz Amer where there is a strong biking culture, we will organize a bike race among refugees, the Tour de Goz Amer, and supporters like you will be able to follow the race and meet the racers through social media and on our blog!

#Spin4Darfur, please say you’re in!? If so, register here and download the Tour de Goz Amer Toolkit to guide you. The toolkit has lots more information, how to’s, tips, and ways to get your friends and family involved.

Lastly, we can’t say it enough. Thank you for your support. With your ongoing help, we continue to create Little Ripples and plant a seed of peace and hope for Darfur.

Cheers, Sara-Christine

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Sara-Christine Dallain

Sara-Christine Dallain holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a Masters in Public Health from the University of California, Los Angeles. Through her previous work with Direct Relief; Réseau Africain d’Education pour la Santé (RAES) in Senegal, Africa; and Board Member of Chad Relief Foundation; Dallain brings on-the-ground insight and experience in program design, evaluation, and implementation for health and education projects in sub-Saharan Africa. As i-ACT Director of Programs, she manages the development, implementation, and evaluation of i-ACT programs in refugee camps, serves as the organization’s primary grant writer, contributes greatly to social media and marketing content, collaborates with and oversees program volunteers, and supports i-ACT development and fundraising initiatives. Dallain has been working in both southern and eastern Chad refugee camps since 2011, and is one of the staff members regularly traveling to eastern Chad refugee camps and global conferences.


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