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We Are Here and We Are Not Leaving

DSCN0887It all starts with a conversation. Sometimes it’s on a phone call or in a meeting room, but with i-ACT it started in a refugee camp on the Chad-Sudan border with Darfur refugees who had fled targeted attacks on their homes, family members, and livelihood. Through conversation, we learned that what they want and have always wanted since they fled is peace and to return home to live free. The question then becomes how do we, i-ACT, a community of citizens, teachers, business owners, faith leaders, and students living thousands of miles away, help them find and live in peace?

We think about helping build a strong foundation that is built on love and caring, not on trauma and violence. We think about healing, safety, and empowerment so that they can take what they learn with them when bullets stop flying and homes stop burning. And what can we do now to influence the decision of a Darfuri in 20 years as to whether he or she should pick up a weapon or start a conversation? We think radically.

That’s Little Ripples. A radical way to foster a culture of peace and a strong foundation of equality and love. We, i-ACT, are here to stand with the refugees and make this happen and we are not leaving. And we need your help. Our goal is to raise $100,000 during the up coming school year. For every $5,000 raised, we will open a new Little Ripples Pond, empowering more women, educating more children, and creating a peaceful path forward.

Alicia Keys released a new video that brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it. Not because it’s depressing but because it breathes hope into my day that we are a community that can change the world we live in.

Take a listen:

Alicia Keys – We Are Here (Official Music Video) from RapHipHopExclusives on Vimeo.

Be part of thinking radically about the future. How do we foster empathy, create a peaceful path, and connect people across the world through our commonalities and not our differences?

I’m interested to hear your radical ideas.

best, KTJ

Little Ripples is creating spaces where children can thrive, physically and emotionally. Support our mindfulness work.

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