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Supporter Spotlight: Susan Smylie

Susan Smylie is the advocacy coordinator of the San Antonio Coalition Against Genocide (SACAG) and has been a longtime friend and supporter of i-ACT.  Recently, SACAG hosted their second Walk Against Genocide in April.  The goal of the walk is to inform and engage the San Antonio Community about genocide and mass atrocities happening in the world today.  At the walk Susan put out donation jars with lists of what their donations support and helped to raise $120 for Little Ripples.


Thank you for your support, Susan, and congratulations on another successful event!

More information about SACAG can be found on their website  or facebook and you can read more about their walk here.

Do you have any fundraising ideas for Little Ripples in your community?  We’d love to hear!

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Jennifer became passionate about international development and humanitarian work when studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, and leading youth performing arts workshops in one of the surrounding townships. After graduating from UCLA with a Masters in Public Health in Community Health Sciences, she taught adolescent reproductive health to high school students in South and East Los Angeles. She has also worked as a Research Associate at the UCLA Center for Health Services and Society, where she was able to foster an understanding of the community engagement and community resilience approaches, and hopes to incorporate these strategies in her work with Little Ripples. jennifer@iactivism.org


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