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Sponsor a Ripple Box!

What do you think of when you imagine a preschool classroom…Are there a variety of toys in the room?  What sorts of toys?  What would be hanging from or decorating the walls of the room?  Do you see books around the room?  Can you imagine a classroom that has none of these things at all?

IMG_9421  IMG_9406These are pictures of the preschool “classrooms” that currently exist in the refugee camps in Chad.  The barebones program has not much more than a mat for the children to sit on and one large chalkboard  standing on an easel on one side of the structure.  As Little Ripples is getting ready to open its doors later this year, the team has talked extensively about was the materials and resources we would need to make each Little Ripples classroom a magical space.

In choosing the items for the Ripple Box, the ETAs thought about what would be the most effective and meaningful learning and play materials for the pilot year of Little Ripples.  For example, one of the main objectives of Little Ripples and something that is emphasized over and over again by the refugees themselves is the importance of children familiarizing themselves with the Arabic alphabet and language before they enter primary school (as many families speak a different native tongue language at home – and this may be the only language the children know).  We’ve found some great learning materials that also incorporate play and games to encourage learning the Arabic alphabet.


Here, you can sponsor a Ripple Box and provide a wealth of resources and materials for a Little Ripples classroom for just $400.

Ripple Box Information Sheets (PDF)

For more information, contact Jennifer Tang. Email: jennifer@iactivism.org

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Jennifer became passionate about international development and humanitarian work when studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, and leading youth performing arts workshops in one of the surrounding townships. After graduating from UCLA with a Masters in Public Health in Community Health Sciences, she taught adolescent reproductive health to high school students in South and East Los Angeles. She has also worked as a Research Associate at the UCLA Center for Health Services and Society, where she was able to foster an understanding of the community engagement and community resilience approaches, and hopes to incorporate these strategies in her work with Little Ripples. jennifer@iactivism.org


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