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Struck by Guisma

I felt like Guisma was speaking directly to me as a mother, a teacher, and a world citizen.  She is an 8 year-old refugee who has suffered the horrors of living in Darfur.  Her, along with 3 million Darfurian people have been ripped from their home-life, their schools, their markets, and way of living to an unknown way of life as a refugee along the Chad border.

Watch the Video:   Guisma’s Story

Just Imagine….

In the middle of the night, your family is awoken by the sounds of gunfire.  What would you do?  What would your children do?  These men, women and children reacted…. They are the ones that escaped and found safety in bushes, in swamps, anywhere to preserve their lives.  When I watched the story of Guisma and saw her mother interact with her, I couldn’t help but place myself in her shoes.  And within minutes, I was brought back to my realities with lights, hot coffee, and agenda items at hand.  Although the film of Guisma ended, the reality of this young girl continues.   I am hopeful that you too will take the time to imagine how we can help this community of people who want many of the same things we want for our children.

Most of us ask, what can we do?  

Donate, get involved, spread the word, and ACT!

Little Ripples is charging forward with the 1st ever comprehensive Darfuri Refugee Preschool.  I am energized by my peers of educators and like-minds that have shared so many great ways to begin to make an impact on these humanitarian issues.  Educating our children at a young age has statistically proven that you are literally growing their brains and making them more aware of the world we live in.  With so little, we can give so much.

Join us in being a WORLD CITIZEN that cares about a community beyond our borders.

I think as Americans we rally behind the idea of protecting our children, preserving their innocence, and investing in them as the future of our great nation.  Guisma deserves better.  She was born onto Darfurian soil, and shackled to a life that the world at large would find deplorable.  “World Citizenship” embodies extending that same care and veracity that we feel with our own children to those far-reaching communities of children in other places in the world.

Being aware –  does not equate to  the notion that you are well-travelled.  Being aware is caring to learn about the world – THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY.  We teach our kids about pillars of character – join us in helping them to extend that friendship, caring, and basic fundamentals of respect to a community that needs it desperately.  When watching the film and learning about Chad, I was overwhelmed by their bright eyes, their sweet smiles, and their resilient spirits.  I am hopeful that I can make a difference.


Little Ripples has a forward-thinking approach incorporating technology and curriculum embedded with the human element of caring and sharing.   Little Ripples Nursery School will help these children know a better way of life, day by day.


Little Ripples is creating spaces where children can thrive, physically and emotionally. Support our mindfulness work.

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Cindy is passionate that all children around the world should have access to quality universal education. On her recent visit to Malindi, Kenya she assisted in training teachers and modeled lessons for Sabaki village students. In that same trip, she visited an IDP camp and feels compelled to help drive awareness for humanitarian issues. Her career has always focused on children including a background in brand marketing for an education software and technology company to being an educational leader in our public school system. She has two MAs in Curriculum and Instruction and Education Leadership. She served as an administrator in the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District for K-8 and Middle School Programs. Her hope is to assist Little Ripples in healing these children and to restore hope through engaging in high-quality preschool learning.


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