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Over the years, my friends and I have gotten in the practice of sharing with each other the high and low of our day. It’s our way of checking in and creating an opportunity for us to find gratitude each day and share a challenge if needed. The highs are not necessarily earth-shattering because the point is to create awareness of the subtle yet
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The Ripples

Today was our first day in refugee camp Goz Amer since leaving Los Angeles six days ago. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of time, plane rides, planning, and coordinating it takes to get to eastern Chad. Arriving to Little Ripples School this morning and being greeted by our refugee friends and colleagues was like taking a long deep breath in and
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A Day at Little Ripples

Little Ripples is a refugee-led early education education program that is adapted to the unique needs of refugee children,  their community and the humanitarian context. What is most important about Little Ripples is that the program does not compromise quality, despite working in heavily under-resourced and complex settings. We believe every child has the right to state-of-the-art preschool education. Here’s what a typical day and
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First Reactions from Camp Goz Amer by iACT Executive Director

“It’s another one of those days when I’m so proud of all the work iACT gets done, and at the same time humbled by how much more is needed,” said iACT Executive Director, Gabriel Stauring. The iACT 23 team arrived to camp Goz Amer yesterday and they were able to visit the new Little Ripples Ponds in the morning while school was in session.
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The Ripples are Real

My eyes filled up with tears today. Now, don’t go feeling bummed out yet. I wasn’t on the verge of crying because I was having a moment of despondency over the “plight of refugees,” or so the oft-used phrase goes. This isn’t going to be that kind of blog entry. The tears I had were the kind that come from being carried to a
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