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My First Day at Goz Amer

Today was my first day in Camp Goz Amer, the refugee camp that we had spent 6 days trying to get to.  Today was my first day in any refugee camp.  It was nothing like what I expected.  Actually, I didn’t quite know what to expect.  I had images of what a refugee camp would look like from the “Save the Children” commercials that
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Building Adult Capacities to Improve Child Outcomes: A Theory of Change.

From the start, Little Ripples has set out to be a comprehensive childhood education program – a program that will not only touch the lives of the students of the preschool as well as larger community, both directly and secondarily.  This video outlines the premise behind why Little Ripples is aiming to affect the lives of the adults in the refugee camps as well, bringing
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“That’s good news,” my friend Sandra from the UN Refugee Agency tells me through e mail. She just visited the Little Ripples site, where construction just started a couple of weeks ago. She says that the work is moving quickly. Then I open a zip file with three pictures from the site, and…wow! Wow! The walls to the classrooms are going up, and I
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Pam and Rahma

Pam Omidyar, Founder of Humanity United, traveled to Eastern Chad with i-ACT’s Director, Gabriel Stauring, to visit Darfuri refugees and talk about education and more. She met up with Rahma, and she has a message for ‘Iolani School in Hawaii.