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Become a Sustainer of Action

This blog post originally posted on iactivism.org.   Join a group of people changing the world in the most effective and efficient way possible: iACT Sustainers of Action.  Sustainers of Action support both the immediate needs and the expansion of iACT’s innovative, community-based programs in central Africa. They make it possible for iACT to be flexible and responsive in difficult environments and to look outside
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Trip Report Available!

Last week, iACT team members Gabriel Stauring and Sara-Christine Dallain completed iACT’s 24th trip to eastern Chad and the organization’s first visit to refugee sites in Cameroon. It was a momentous trip for iACT and we’re excited to share the highlights, insights, and learnings with you! Here’s an overview of the trip—but for more details and stories check out the full Trip Report.  In camp
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The Ripples

Today was our first day in refugee camp Goz Amer since leaving Los Angeles six days ago. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of time, plane rides, planning, and coordinating it takes to get to eastern Chad. Arriving to Little Ripples School this morning and being greeted by our refugee friends and colleagues was like taking a long deep breath in and
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What Drives Us to Expand Little Ripples

As iACT plans to expand Little Ripples in eastern Chad and share our model globally, we reflect on what motivates and drives us to do so. Here some of what we came up with: First, we’re driven by the need. Globally, there is a huge gap in early childhood education programming for refugee children. On a global scale, education comprises only 2% of the international humanitarian
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Poverty and the Young Mind

How Little Ripples is Restacking the Deck for Children in Eastern Chad As a teacher, I think a lot about the brain: how it works, how to get information in there, how to make education meaningful, how to make learning stick. The human brain is the single most important tool that I use to do my job, day in and day out. I live
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