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What Drives Us to Expand Little Ripples

As iACT plans to expand Little Ripples in eastern Chad and share our model globally, we reflect on what motivates and drives us to do so. Here some of what we came up with: First, we’re driven by the need. Globally, there is a huge gap in early childhood education programming for refugee children. On a global scale, education comprises only 2% of the international humanitarian
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Today We Honor the Teachers

Today is World Teacher Day. The day we honor those who encouraged us to be better individuals, community members, and global citizens by showing us how to explore the world around us. How to ask questions and problem solve. How to take risks when needed and be safe when it was dangerous. Teachers do not just teach route curriculum, they are caring, innovative people
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We Are Here and We Are Not Leaving

It all starts with a conversation. Sometimes it’s on a phone call or in a meeting room, but with i-ACT it started in a refugee camp on the Chad-Sudan border with Darfur refugees who had fled targeted attacks on their homes, family members, and livelihood. Through conversation, we learned that what they want and have always wanted since they fled is peace and to
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Creating a Program for Darfuris to Shape

I can’t believe we just wrapped up our third Little Ripples symposium and are preparing Gabriel and Sara-Christine to train our Darfuri teachers in Camp Goz Amer for the 3rd time. Each training is more in depth and builds on the previous ones. This Symposium was hosted by our Expert Teacher Advisor (ETA) Irma Vazquez at My Escuelita: Spanish for Kids in Redondo Beach,
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Day One in Refugee Camp Goz Amer: the Joy and the Incomprehensible

Today was a mix of emotions, and it was a day that gave me inspiration for our work from very different sources. First, due to the Little Ripples teachers, the word of the morning for me was “heartening”. The day started off so positively at Little Ripples. We arrived at the school around 8am and were able to watch the teachers teach a class
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