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What Drives Us to Expand Little Ripples

As iACT plans to expand Little Ripples in eastern Chad and share our model globally, we reflect on what motivates and drives us to do so. Here some of what we came up with: First, we’re driven by the need. Globally, there is a huge gap in early childhood education programming for refugee children. On a global scale, education comprises only 2% of the international humanitarian
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The Little Ripples children are telling their own stories now

Each Saturday morning (well, most Saturday mornings), I put my hair in a ponytail, grab a cup of coffee and head for my “office,” by which I mean the kitchen table. While my kids eat toast and scrambled eggs, I meet online with a group of educators for #leadupchat to swap ideas, hear success stories and to get inspired all over again for the
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First Annual #Spin4Darfur a Success!

Thank you Riders and Spinners for making our First Annual Tour de Goz Amer a success and fun! Because of your efforts, we’ve raised more than $2,000 dollars for early childhood education in the refugee camps, and more support continues to come in. What this means is more children will now have the opportunity to attend a safe space, learn through play, and heal from trauma.
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The Tour will Amplify their Voices

“You are our only voice and hope,” said Oumda. Oumda was speaking on behalf of the refugees in his isolated camp in Eastern Chad. By “you” he was referring to all of you who support i-ACT’s efforts. Talk about a responsibility. I felt the weight on my shoulders increase that very moment. To hear this was humbling to say the absolute least and a reminder of the
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Oh, perfect! Just in time for the weekend!

Editor’s note: This was originally posted on i-ACT’s blog by team member Sean Toshima. 2014 Tour Goz Amer bibs Join the FUN! Le inaugural 2014 Tour de Goz Amer bibs are here for YOU and your friends, to print, pin and Spin around your community for Darfur. Sign-ups for the Tour are still open! Here’s le haps: In October, all registered participants ride, bicycle, Spin their way
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