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The Mind-Body Connection at Play

Early this morning, we watched the girls soccer team warm up and show us how they play. The soccer field is a long walk from the classrooms where we teach, so their practice took place at the Little Ripples school. The girls have never had a chance to play before the refugee community decided they wanted iACT to help them start the Soccer Academy,
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Curiosity, Eagerness, and Welcoming Energy

Here I am, eating freeze-dried dinner in my mosquito net, ‘cooked’ in the microwave in our rustic kitchen next door. There was a mosquito in my little room so I took refuge in the bed under the wonderful pink net! We then figured out that mosquitoes don’t like the cold, and turned the air-conditioning up — it worked! Joslyn and I have the luxury
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The Gift of Mindfulness

This blog post originally posted on iactivism.org. Joslyn and I feel so fortunate to have the chance to teach mindfulness in the Darfuri Refugee Camp Goz Amer in eastern Chad with iACT. The iACT team—tiny but mighty!—has presented us with an opportunity to share the teachings that have changed our lives. Through their compassionate humanitarian work, we have a chance to help ease the
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Humbled in Action

iACT23: Little Ripples Ponds from i-ACT on Vimeo. Today we got to see Ponds in action, and wow! It was the coolest thing to see the teachers completely in their element, and the children looking so happy. The two main highlights of the day were seeing the mindfulness activities and the meal program. Little Ripples was intentionally designed to help the children and women
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The Ripples are Real

My eyes filled up with tears today. Now, don’t go feeling bummed out yet. I wasn’t on the verge of crying because I was having a moment of despondency over the “plight of refugees,” or so the oft-used phrase goes. This isn’t going to be that kind of blog entry. The tears I had were the kind that come from being carried to a
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