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Field Trip to TreePeople’s Yurt Village

Yesterday we took a Little Ripples field trip to TreePeople’s Yurt Village to check out their yurt structures as a possibility for future Little Ripples classrooms.  TreePeople is a pretty awesome environmental nonprofit that is a leader in providing sustainable solutions to urban ecosystem problems in Los Angeles.  Torin Dunnavant and Jim Hardie graciously gave us a tour and overview of the Yurt Village.
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Teachers for Teachers: A Connected Community

Over the past 22 years and more recently in the past 8 years I’ve had the opportunity to be part of countless teacher trainings and conferences. I love attending with my fellow teachers and students…knowing that we will leave that time together with a greater sense of focus and energy. I’ve mentored over 70 student teachers over the last 16 semesters at Loyola Marymount
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Video: Moving

There is a big moon over Eastern Chad tonight. It’s beautiful, but it also gives so much light that you can’t see too many stars. They often fill the entire sky, with the Milky Way’s heavy brushstroke from one horizon to another. Back home in Los Angeles, that sky does not exist. Read the whole post at iactivism.org

Video: Here and There

We left Los Angeles on Monday. It feels so long ago, and the distance even longer. It is now Friday night, and I am back in eastern Chad in a little village called Goz Beida.  I have lost count of how many times I’ve been here. It’s as remote as it can get, and the only reason anyone comes out here is to visit
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Katie-Jay Scott, ktj@iactivism.org, 310-738-0285 LOS ANGELES-BASED NGO DEPARTS FOR 14th VISIT TO DARFURI REFUGEE CAMPS i-ACT to set up early childhood education for Darfur children LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 21, 2012 – Monday, i-ACT departed to Chad for their 14th expedition. Joining the Director of i-ACT, Gabriel Stauring, is Jennifer Tang, Project Coordinator for Little Ripples, an early childhood education
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