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This Is Our Life

So many mixed feelings. It’s a joy to see old friends, and I feel happy that we’re able to come out here and work next to the refugee community on projects that I truly believe are making a difference. But it is crushing to see the challenges they face and how hope is being not so slowly put to sleep. Yesterday, we drove from
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Little Ripples Teacher Training Day #2

The teacher training began on Tuesday, and it has been awesome!!! The first day of training was like pulling teeth!!  The teachers seemed so shy and nervous!!!  I knew that I would get them out of that (because that’s what I do best) but it was harder than I thought.  By today, they were speaking up, chatting with each other (side bar conversations, one
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One Step Closer

This will be my first trip to Goz Amer (actually my first trip out of the country). I am so very anxious to get to the refugee camp and begin our work here. My name is Melissa Holcombe. I am from sunny California and happily married with two children who I miss tremendously already. I am blessed to have a family who is so
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Slideshow: N’Djamena to Kou Kou

It was an early wake-up in N’Djamena for five out of the six teammates. James stayed in Goz Beida and was hoping to meet the team today. Here’s how the rest of the day went down: Support Little Ripples Be a part of starting Little Ripples. Your tax-deductible donation will offer safety, opportunity, education, and play to a child. The positive effect will ripple
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Planning, Planning, Planning

This morning the team had a great planning pow-wow for the teacher training and then in the afternoon we talked about the assessment tools and process. With a really strong foundation for both aspects, we kept reminding each other to keep it simple and not get too ahead – it could all change when we get to Goz Amer. We’re all anxious to get
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