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Top Ten List of Things I learned on my 17th Trip to Refugee Camps

Editor’s Note: This post first appeared on the i-ACT blog. (In no particular order) 1. When a group of women come together with a mission, a unique and wonderful space is created — where progress is powered by love. 2. Sometimes two words can convey immeasurable pain. When talking about the recent violence in his land, Abdulrahman — a soulful, soft-spoken, “new arrival” refugee
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International Day of Peace

Today 9/21/13 is International Day of Peace.  I asked my daughter Micaela what was her definition of PEACE and she said: “That there is balance and harmony between people of the world. Where there is no war and everyone is peaceful towards one another”.  From the mouth of babes come the most simple of solutions.  When I look at these pictures of these  young
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Struck by Guisma

I felt like Guisma was speaking directly to me as a mother, a teacher, and a world citizen.  She is an 8 year-old refugee who has suffered the horrors of living in Darfur.  Her, along with 3 million Darfurian people have been ripped from their home-life, their schools, their markets, and way of living to an unknown way of life as a refugee along
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I have never been more honored or humbled to be a part of such an awe inspiring team. It is amazing to know people who would drop everything, travel to the other side of the planet, just to help people, because they need help. Not for the fame, fortune or glory, but just because. Included are others who would spend hundreds of volunteer hours
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10 Things I’ve Learned (on my 14th trip to Chad)

1. Only the refugees are always here. Thousands of staff working for humanitarian agencies and the UN Refugee Agency have come and gone through the camps. Not one remains that is still around from my first trip in 2005. The refugees, they’re still here, only more of them. 2. Life can get harder, and families can get stronger. Guisma’s mother, Achta, received me with
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