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This Is Our Life

So many mixed feelings. It’s a joy to see old friends, and I feel happy that we’re able to come out here and work next to the refugee community on projects that I truly believe are making a difference. But it is crushing to see the challenges they face and how hope is being not so slowly put to sleep. Yesterday, we drove from
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One Step Closer

This will be my first trip to Goz Amer (actually my first trip out of the country). I am so very anxious to get to the refugee camp and begin our work here. My name is Melissa Holcombe. I am from sunny California and happily married with two children who I miss tremendously already. I am blessed to have a family who is so
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Slideshow: N’Djamena to Kou Kou

It was an early wake-up in N’Djamena for five out of the six teammates. James stayed in Goz Beida and was hoping to meet the team today. Here’s how the rest of the day went down: Support Little Ripples Be a part of starting Little Ripples. Your tax-deductible donation will offer safety, opportunity, education, and play to a child. The positive effect will ripple
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Planning, Planning, Planning

This morning the team had a great planning pow-wow for the teacher training and then in the afternoon we talked about the assessment tools and process. With a really strong foundation for both aspects, we kept reminding each other to keep it simple and not get too ahead – it could all change when we get to Goz Amer. We’re all anxious to get
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Last Days in Chad

45 min flight from Koukou to Goz Beida, then 1.25 days at Camp Djabal. Camp Djabal and Camp Goz Amer are sister camps; similar population breakdown and programs. The first pilot Little Ripples will be implemented in Goz Amer, then in Djabal. We were able to test out our draft intake assessments with some of the children at Djabal. At enrollment and certain points
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