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Being an Advocate for Peace

Editor’s Note: This first appeared on www.iactivism.org. People often ask me if I get tired or depressed by the work I do. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that some days are harder than others. On the harder days, it takes more energy to stay focused and on task. But most days, I relish our dirty little secret: doing work for others,
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Inspirational Approaches Part 3: Reggio Emilia

Developed around the villages in Italy after World War II, the approach is based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment based on the interest of the children through a self guided curriculum. Our Little Ripples team was drawn to the Reggio Emilia approach because it was created by a village who felt
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Community Led Programs in the Darfuri Refugee Camps

In the past couple of decades, the importance of community-based participatory programs have been highlighted through scores of research articles and publications and is now widely accepted as a fundamental principle of good public health practice. The main concept behind community-based participatory programs is that the community is recognized as an entity and involved throughout all aspects of the planning, implementation, and evaluation process.
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Give a Hand to Little Ripples!

There’s excitement in the air! Kids around the world are heading back to school – including over 300 young children who will be setting foot in the first Little Ripples pilot preschool.  As another school year kicks off, let’s be a part of providing the back to school experience to refugee children from Darfur, Sudan.  You can help start a young child’s education that
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Never Again Coalition – Little Ripples Garage Sale Recap

The Never Again Coalition is Portland, Oregon’s response to genocide and other crimes against humanity. Joining together from different organizations and backgrounds, we stand together and work towards revitalizing the phrase “Never Again.” On July 21 Never Again Coalition hosted a yard sale that brought in close to $800 for Little Ripples.  Never Again Coalition is part of the movement to plant seeds of
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