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Our Little Ripples December 2015 Assessment is available!

We’re so excited to share with you the findings from our Little Ripples December 2015 Assessment. Every year, we conduct baseline and follow-up assessments to measure the impact of Little Ripples on the social-emotional, cognitive and physical health of children. Recently, in December 2015, we were able to measure some of the children who have been attending the Little Ripples School for two years, as
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A Parent’s Perspective

Last week I wrote about my excitement as an educator to be working and collaborating with Little Ripples. However, another part of who I am and why I choose this work is my identity as a parent. When I first became a mother, I worried that having children would divide my attention or perhaps take away from what I had to offer my students.
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Talking Surveys and Fundamentals of Interviewing

This blog was originally posted on i-ACT as part of i-ACT21 Day 8. “We will do our best because this is very important for education and the future of our children,” said Zakariya, one of the 10 refugees we are training and employing to conduct more Little Ripples assessments over the next year. Our goal is to build the capacity of a small team
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Let’s Ride!?

It’s here! Yes, our One Year Assessment report is available and we’re excited to share it! This report demonstrates what all of our supporters have helped us accomplish in the first year of Little Ripples. Now what’s on the way is an exciting season ahead. Fall will be a critical time for our program as we embark on expanding Little Ripples using in-home centers called Ponds. In order to raise
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Dreaming beyond a safe space and toys

i-ACT—thanks to our funders, collaborations with early childhood education experts, and refugee leaders—has been able to be creative, ambitious and comprehensive in developing an early childhood education curriculum that builds the cognitive, physical and language development of children in the Darfuri refugee camps. We’ve been able to dream far beyond just providing a safe space and toys – and I think it shows. Results
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