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Teachers, parents, and students: YOU and your CLASSROOM can help us plant the seeds of education, peace, and hope for Darfuri children and their community that will ripple out to impact the future generations of the Darfuri people!

By becoming a School Ambassador you and your classroom will have the opportunity to create, grow, inspire, and gain a perspective on what’s happening in another part of the world. Through Schools for Ponds you will help personal connect children in your community with Darfuris living in refugee camps.

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There are many creative ways to get involved and bring awareness in a fun and connected way to your classroom, below are a few ideas, or create your own!

1. Give a Hand Project

Challenge your classrooms to “give a hand” and be a part of providing the “back to school” experience to refugee children from Darfur, Sudan. Participating classrooms commit to fundraise $20 per student and get creative! Each classroom that completes the challenge creates and decorates a large handprint (using 11×17 construction paper) that will go up on a wall of one of the Little Ripples classrooms to create an inspiring, colorful and supportive atmosphere.

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2. Exchange a Game

jacksPlay will happen anywhere and everywhere, no matter what’s available. It’s universal and it’s a right of every child! Create with your classroom a game using sticks, rocks, sand and/or other objects found in nature to be shared with the students at Little Ripples in Darfur, Sudan.

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3. Garden Project

flowerGROW A GARDEN! Growing a garden is a great learning experience to explore healthy living skills, nature, environmental awareness as well as sharing, helping, peace, food, ABC’s/123s and culture. For this project, grow a garden using food that is grown and consumed in Darfur and/or something you would like to grow from where you live. Document the whole process by taking photos, videos or creating drawings to share with the students at Little Ripples in the refugee camps.

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4. Create your own!

supportTo create your own project with Little Ripples that connects, educates, and empowers please contact Katie-Jay at ktj@iactivism.org

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