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Curiosity, Eagerness, and Welcoming Energy

Here I am, eating freeze-dried dinner in my mosquito net, ‘cooked’ in the microwave in our rustic kitchen next door. There was a mosquito in my little room so I took refuge in the bed under the wonderful pink net! We then figured out that mosquitoes don’t like the cold, and turned the air-conditioning up — it worked! Joslyn and I have the luxury
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The Gift of Mindfulness

This blog post originally posted on iactivism.org. Joslyn and I feel so fortunate to have the chance to teach mindfulness in the Darfuri Refugee Camp Goz Amer in eastern Chad with iACT. The iACT team—tiny but mighty!—has presented us with an opportunity to share the teachings that have changed our lives. Through their compassionate humanitarian work, we have a chance to help ease the
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Become a Sustainer of Action

This blog post originally posted on iactivism.org.   Join a group of people changing the world in the most effective and efficient way possible: iACT Sustainers of Action.  Sustainers of Action support both the immediate needs and the expansion of iACT’s innovative, community-based programs in central Africa. They make it possible for iACT to be flexible and responsive in difficult environments and to look outside
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Global Citizens: Fostering Empathy in the Next Generation

For more than six months now, a small group of Little Ripples Expert Teacher Advisors (ETAs) has been working hard to answer two important questions, “How do we connect our children here with the refugee children of Little Ripples?” and “How do we use that connection to foster empathy and create the next generation of global citizens working for peace?” Little Ripples is an
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Trip Report Available!

Last week, iACT team members Gabriel Stauring and Sara-Christine Dallain completed iACT’s 24th trip to eastern Chad and the organization’s first visit to refugee sites in Cameroon. It was a momentous trip for iACT and we’re excited to share the highlights, insights, and learnings with you! Here’s an overview of the trip—but for more details and stories check out the full Trip Report.  In camp
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