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A Special Day

It was a special day. The home, family, and community that host Pond #4 are special. They came out to celebrate and express their gratitude. The mother of the home–the new Pond cook–prepared a delicious meal the adults and children got to enjoy. The men and women who are leaders for the camp block came up to speak, and there was genuine joy and
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The Present Moment

My name is Tahani. It was given to me by the refugees in Camp Goz Amer after much laughter at trying to pronounce Trudy. It means “congratulations.” They told me it’s a nice name. I like it.
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Beauty and Sorrow

After the soccer demonstration, the Little Ripples preschool teachers and the soccer coaches gathered for our day of mindfulness. Friday is their Saturday, so there’s no school. So we work with the adults (mostly young adults) without the children. We began with a traditional blessing offered by Ahmed, who translates for us. We played a game to break the ice, and Joslyn and I
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Over the years, my friends and I have gotten in the practice of sharing with each other the high and low of our day. It’s our way of checking in and creating an opportunity for us to find gratitude each day and share a challenge if needed. The highs are not necessarily earth-shattering because the point is to create awareness of the subtle yet
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The Mind-Body Connection at Play

Early this morning, we watched the girls soccer team warm up and show us how they play. The soccer field is a long walk from the classrooms where we teach, so their practice took place at the Little Ripples school. The girls have never had a chance to play before the refugee community decided they wanted iACT to help them start the Soccer Academy,
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