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[video] Trudy visits a Little Ripples Pond

iACT25: Pond Visit with Trudy Goodman from iACT on Vimeo. Trudy Goodman, Founding Teacher at InsightLa is with the iACT team in refugee camp Goz Amer. For the next week, Trudy and Joslyn will lead Little Ripples teachers and Refugees United Soccer Academy coaches through a mindfulness training to help deepen their practice. Today, Trudy visits a Little Ripples Pond!


Over the years, my friends and I have gotten in the practice of sharing with each other the high and low of our day. It’s our way of checking in and creating an opportunity for us to find gratitude each day and share a challenge if needed. The highs are not necessarily earth-shattering because the point is to create awareness of the subtle yet
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The Mind-Body Connection at Play

Early this morning, we watched the girls soccer team warm up and show us how they play. The soccer field is a long walk from the classrooms where we teach, so their practice took place at the Little Ripples school. The girls have never had a chance to play before the refugee community decided they wanted iACT to help them start the Soccer Academy,
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Fashion and Fields

Backpacks are becoming popular here. When there are assessments scheduled to take place, our Little Ripples assessment team members each carries a yellow backpack to the school. Since we walk to a nearby “restaurant” for our lunch break on these days, the owner of the establishment has been seeing the same yellow backpacks for a week now. This afternoon, he declared himself as part
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Our 4 Greatest Accomplishments of 2014

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally posted on iactivism.org. By i-ACT’s KTJ (Dir. of Operations and Community Involvement): I can’t believe 2014 is almost over. What a year! With your support, our impact has been greater than it has ever been. And I suspect that 2015 will be just as full, both on the calendar and in effect. Before the year ends, I wanted
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