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Across the Camp in Blazing Heat

This post was originally posted on iactivism.org as part of i-ACT21 Day 10.

The launch of the first three Little Ripples Ponds takes shape. Gabriel and I had two promising days of looking for suitable homes. Walking from one end to the other and back again, we found three homes in the camp that would be great for the first role models of the in-home pre-school program: Little Ripples Ponds. We collected ideas for each home and pictured a lot of Little Ripples, some of them sitting in a circle in a pavillon-like structure and some of them playing in a secure area next to a tree. It was nice to see that the families were so open-minded and appreciated the idea of setting up a Pond at their home.

One of them is Halima, a former teacher. She is living with her husband Usman and their three children in a nice home next to a small street, which would give the Pond a good address and also the possibility to leave quickly in case of fire. Since Halima is also affected – like all people in the camp – by the cut of food rations, she and her family would benefit from one more meal a day, which will be provided in the Ponds.

I can imagine that projects like Little Ripples Ponds, which can be easily adapted once the role models were set up, are more beneficial for becoming self-reliant than reducing food rations and aid from one day to the next.

The first step has been taken. Now we (only) have to get the international organizations on board. That is the plan for tomorrow.

I am very thankful for working on that project alongside Gabriel, which is giving me the chance to immerse in the camp with all its stories.



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Tobias Kusian

Tobias is finishing his studies in architecture in Germany, where he is doing research on urbanization of refugee camps. Those are planned as temporary shelters, but often become almost permanent. Tobias has ideas of considering this fact into the initial planning of refugee camps and therefore improve living conditions for refugees. After working for Amnesty International alongside his studies - where he first made contact with the Darfur conflict - he was looking for a possibility to combine his studies with the Involvement for areas of conflict in a more active way. That is how he get in touch with i-ACT. Fascinated by the their projects on site, Tobias has become a member of i-ACT. He is part of i-ACT 21 and helps realizing Little Ripples Ponds in Goz Amer and the DUSA Club House in Djabal.


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