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Celebrating a New Partnership with Bellybuds

Belly Buds LLC, manufacturer of Bellybuds® has chosen to partner with i-ACT to support our Little Ripples program. On December 10th, Bellybuds Baby Bump Sound System launched the Journey Into Pregnancy, a meditative series of intentional explorations for the expectant mother. Designed to complement an expectant mother’s journey as she progresses from conception through birth, this four-part series begins with meditations on balancing the chakras and continues through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters.  For every album sold, Belly Buds will donate a portion of proceeds to Little Ripples! How great is that?! 

About Belly Buds LLC

Belly Buds LLC, based in Los Angeles, California, develops innovative, safe and socially conscientious products and services for expectant mothers and their families. Belly Buds is committed to strengthening the bond between parents and children at all stages, from conception through birth and beyond.

“Bellybuds has always been about forming a special bond with baby. Journey Into Pregnancy is an extension of this ideology, providing moms-to-be with insightful meditations for all stages of their pregnancy,” said Curtis Williams, Belly Buds founder. “We’re thrilled to have Little Ripples as a partner in this endeavor and could not be more pleased to contribute to their valiant cause.”

 We’re so grateful for this partnership! Support from Belly Buds will help Little Ripples expand from a school-based program to an in-home model that will serve more children, empower more women, and engage the community at a deeper level. Teachers will continue to receive training and support from early childhood education experts, schools, and supporters in the United States, but will increasingly have more control over the day-to-day operations in this innovative and replicable refugee-led model. Belly Buds funding will also support Little Ripples’ essential daily meal program which in some cases may be the only meal a student receives in any given day due to the increasingly severe food insecurity in the refugee camps in eastern Chad.

Pregnant or know somebody who is!? You can purchase the Journey Into Pregnancy albums individually for $11.99 or as a series for $33.56 at www.shop.bellybuds.com.

Happy Holidays

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Sara-Christine Dallain

Sara-Christine Dallain holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a Masters in Public Health from the University of California, Los Angeles. Through her previous work with Direct Relief; Réseau Africain d’Education pour la Santé (RAES) in Senegal, Africa; and Board Member of Chad Relief Foundation; Dallain brings on-the-ground insight and experience in program design, evaluation, and implementation for health and education projects in sub-Saharan Africa. As i-ACT Director of Programs, she manages the development, implementation, and evaluation of i-ACT programs in refugee camps, serves as the organization’s primary grant writer, contributes greatly to social media and marketing content, collaborates with and oversees program volunteers, and supports i-ACT development and fundraising initiatives. Dallain has been working in both southern and eastern Chad refugee camps since 2011, and is one of the staff members regularly traveling to eastern Chad refugee camps and global conferences.


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