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Why I am a Mama Ambassador

Thank you to all our Mama Ambassadors. Here’s a just a few of them and why they are involved:


Irma Vazquez:

I can.

Little Ripples is important to me because I can.

I can share my expertise as a teacher to help guide the development of the school. I can help my Little Ripples team of Expert Teacher Advisors imagine magical spaces for children. I can care about other children and their education on the other side of the ocean.

Little Ripples is important to me because I can. And if I can today, then my own children…Micaela, Ellis and Carolina will be able to tomorrow.

I can.


Stacey Martino:

I support Little Ripples because I’ve met the families in the camps and see the needs and love there so clearly. They are no different than my own family and they deserve the same chances as my own children. I want to leave my children a better world and set an example early so they know we are really one big community. The benefits to Little Ripples are boundless.

M4MTest3Andree-Anne Worcester

There are three simple reasons why I wanted to get involved. First, to have the chance to help give opportunities to moms who are faced with unimaginable challenges every day. Second, I wanted to find an organization that I could involve my kids with and inspire them to give back, and third, to support the cause my sister believes in and work so hard for every day.

Little Ripples is important to me because every child should have an opportunity to go to school, learn and socialize in a nurturing a happy environment. Little Ripples is striving to do this.


Susan Morgan

Little Ripples is important to me because I believe that all children deserve the crucial benefits of early education.

Katie-Jay Scott Stauring:

Little Ripples is the foundation for a future Darfur that is peaceful, stable, and provides an opportunity for every woman, man, and child to thrive. If we can prevent even one child from ever having to experience genocide or a mass atrocity, then Little Ripples has succeeded. It’s a long-term investment that I know will change the world.

Little Ripples is creating spaces where children can thrive, physically and emotionally. Support our mindfulness work.

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