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Thoughts as We Head to NAEYC…

Today I head out with the Little Ripples team to Washington DC to attend the NAEYC Conference.  I’ve really been thinking a lot about environments and have this desire to truly help create a magical environment in our Little Ripples classrooms. The best foundation in the classrooms is one of peace, helping, and sharing and I’d love to enhance the physical environment as well. One that is natural, simplistic and reflective of the children’s cultures. I dream of so much for them. I’d love to share photos of beautiful relevant environments with the Little Ripples teachers to begin to spark their imagination and creativity…

Anyway…I’m looking forward to attending some magnificent workshops related to cultural sensitivity and relevancy in the classroom. Can’t wait to attend a Reggio Emilia session!

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Melissa Holcombe

Melissa Holcombe is currently working as a My Teaching Partner Coach and Assessor in collaboration with First 5 California, the Child Development Training Consortium and Teachstone, Inc. Additionally, Melissa enjoys her adjunct position as a Child Development Instructor at San Bernardino Valley College. She holds a Masters of Education degree with a focus on early education and care. Melissa has twenty years of experience in the child development and education field. She is a member of the California Early Childhood Mentor Program and serves as a local/regional trainer. One of Melissa’s passions is developing and facilitating fun, interactive ECE workshops to teachers on topics related to increasing the quality of teaching in early child development classrooms. Melissa is excited to serve as an Expert Teacher Advisor on the Little Ripples project and is honored to be part of a wonderful project that will provide preschool services to thousands of children in Darfuri refugee camps.


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