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Teacher Training Day 4

Today we wrapped up our training with the teachers (unless we can squeeze in a bit more tomorrow-fingers crossed). We paid special attention to emphasizing key points that we really want the teacher to implement when we leave. We stressed the importance of following a predictable daily routine with the children, health and safety, core values, and learning through play. The teachers took full responsibility today for walking through the daily schedule without Jocelyn and I giving input. They stepped right into teacher mode and did a great job! It went real smooth.

Our focus for learning today was on literacy and motor skills. The teachers took time to write and share some stories. Some non-fiction and a few that would make great folk tales. We have been modeling story telling and it was exciting to see the teachers carry this out and tell their own stories; we encouraged them to share these stories with the children in their class too.


We all had a blast running relay races, passing and bouncing balls, and other physical activities! We were having such fun that children gathered outside the windows and the door to see what all of the commotion was about. Leave it to Jocelyn and I to cause a ruckus :).

We also chose and announced the names of the first Little Ripples Teachers! There will be 12 Teachers, 1 Lead Teacher, and 1 School Health Educator on-site. It was a difficult decision: they have all been so engaged and done such a great job! The teachers in the training actually voted on the Lead Teacher themselves. I am confident that this group will ensure the success of LIttle Ripples. I am looking forward to recognizing their hard work and commitment tomorrow at the celebration!


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Melissa Holcombe

Melissa Holcombe is currently working as a My Teaching Partner Coach and Assessor in collaboration with First 5 California, the Child Development Training Consortium and Teachstone, Inc. Additionally, Melissa enjoys her adjunct position as a Child Development Instructor at San Bernardino Valley College. She holds a Masters of Education degree with a focus on early education and care. Melissa has twenty years of experience in the child development and education field. She is a member of the California Early Childhood Mentor Program and serves as a local/regional trainer. One of Melissa’s passions is developing and facilitating fun, interactive ECE workshops to teachers on topics related to increasing the quality of teaching in early child development classrooms. Melissa is excited to serve as an Expert Teacher Advisor on the Little Ripples project and is honored to be part of a wonderful project that will provide preschool services to thousands of children in Darfuri refugee camps.


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