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Expert Teacher Advisor Symposium

This upcoming weekend from February 23 to February 25, 2013 we have our pool of Expert Teacher Advisors (ETAs) coming to Los Angelesto further develop the Little Ripples curriculum. The ETAs have extensive knowledge and experience in early childhood and preschool education, curriculum development, and training other adult teachers in classroom instruction. By the end of the the three day weekend, we will have a more finalized draft of the first few months of the Little Ripples curriculum, a teacher manual, as well as a training manual for the first team of ETAs who will be traveling to the Little Ripples Center in Eastern Chad when it first opens. They will meet and train the first Little Ripples refugee teachers!

Every few months, a new team of 2 ETAs will be traveling to the refugee camps to train the teachers. These visits will be 2 weeks long and will consist of face-to-face training as well as in-classroom modeling and observation. Between these visits we will be setting up our internet social network, Pazocalo, for the refugee teachers to communicate with the ETAs – both about progress as well as challenges that may be arising – and the ETAs will be able to offer input and feedback.

I think back to my own preschool education with many fond memories – recess, circle rugs, singing (I rocked “Tomorrow” from Annie, if I do say so myself…). What are some things that you remember about preschool? And for those parents out there – what do or did you enjoy about your child’s preschool program? Our curriculum will be tailored to the Darfuri refugee population, with many of the play and songs and concepts coming from Darfuri culture – but we will be utilizing child-centered approaches that many of the preschools around the world use. I can’t wait to see how this weekend shapes out and share it with you all!!

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Jennifer became passionate about international development and humanitarian work when studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, and leading youth performing arts workshops in one of the surrounding townships. After graduating from UCLA with a Masters in Public Health in Community Health Sciences, she taught adolescent reproductive health to high school students in South and East Los Angeles. She has also worked as a Research Associate at the UCLA Center for Health Services and Society, where she was able to foster an understanding of the community engagement and community resilience approaches, and hopes to incorporate these strategies in her work with Little Ripples. jennifer@iactivism.org


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