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Why I’m Making Little Ripples

Months ago, when I joined Team Little Ripples, I was nervous. I thought to myself, “How can I make a difference in the lives of children half-way around the world?” As a Kindergarten teacher and owner of a small educational business, I am use to impacting the lives of children directly in front of me. I work with their parents, I teach students at the university, and I train future teachers. “Isn’t that enough” I thought. Yes and No.

I could’ve continued to go to my Kindergarten classroom each day and do what I love to do best…teach in Spanish. I could’ve continued to re-recruit students for my Spanish Summer Camps and various Spanish classes. And that would have been enough. Maybe? But is it? No, not really. Not for me.

I realized it wasn’t enough that my own children go to an amazing school and are doing great things. I realized that teaching Spanish to my own little students in Redondo Beach is not enough. I realized that even teaching at LMU isn’t enough. Because my ripples were still too small.

Helping my family build Little Ripples is enough. My ripples are going beyond my home, my classroom, my local community…my ripples are reaching all the way to Darfur, Africa! And that nervous part….all gone because I realized too that everyone on this team is learning together as we go along. We are all motivated by love and the same desire to make little ripples, and we help one another plan, dream and find ways to make this happen.

When I go to our planning meetings and especially when I look at pictures that Gabriel post from Africa, I can feel my ripples reach farther than ever before. I see how my teaching is reaching all the way to the camps. Its a very long way to go….but not really. I AM making a difference in the lives of children half-way around the world. I am making Little Ripples!!!


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Irma earned a Bachelor of Liberal Arts, a Bilingual Elementary Credential, and a Masters of Arts in Multicultural Education from Loyola Marymount University (LMU). She is the Founder and Director of My Escuelita: Spanish for Kids, a Spanish language program for children ages 2-10 that runs after school, during school breaks (winter, spring and summer), and in local businesses across the South Bay such as Mattel and Equinox. She has been an adjunct professor at LMU School of Education and Field Work Supervisor for LMU Bilingual and General Education Student Teachers. Irma has been involved in elementary school education since 1991. Currently, she teaches Kindergarden at Washington Elementary (Redondo Beach Unified School District) where she launched the Dual Immersion Spanish Program. Irma is a mom of three who attend 2nd, 4th, and 6th grade.


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